This is my personal site. spir is my common pseudonyme on the web. It's also the name of the tattoo shape below.
I'm actually called Denis, originally french, always in quest. English is strictly foreign to me, still I do my best. Thought at having a french version, but as sites I commonly visit myself are all english (especially in the field of programming), well…

This web place is mainly intended as repository for stuff I design, develop or simply think about. Things people may wish or need to use or review, sources of inspiration of all kinds. My skill & pleasure, I guess, turns around exploring and designing complex systems.
For a long time already (I'm rather old), the main domains of interest for me are languages of all sorts, both computer & human.



programming language design
A mailing list, & various studies to come. Maybe a project of mine in the future.
clarity — for novice people — semantics — morphology, syntax, structure
See also WML below.
--> PiLuD

Wesnoth & WML:

various kinds of things around the turn-based tactical fantasy game Battle for Wesnoth and its custom game design language WML


  • game rule alternatives
  • baby Wesnoth ;-) : designing an extreme minimal version
  • auto stats: statistics on multiple & variant scenario autoplays — well, hope it's clear


  • parser: in python
  • semantic schema language: in WML itself ;-)
  • automatic reference generator: —> semantic schema & user ref manual!
  • semantic validator: …as name says
  • incremental evolution: toward real clarity and ease-of-use

--> Wesnoth & WML


various software tools
…actually there is not much yet online…
--> software


Peg matching/parsing library for the D language. As always with my tools, intended to be clear, direct, consistent. Various aspects & hacks should make it friendly to the developper.
--> DeeMatch


text parsing & processing tool
…I developped in python for clarity & easy of use — worth a review, I guess.
There is a tutorial/manual online, that can also deal as a gentle introduction to parsing & text processing in general.
--> pijnu


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